Saturday, October 1, 2011


So, I want to marry u. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dinner AS114

Talk about dinner, hmm. food! Hehe. Last Thursday, I had an annual dinner at Hotel Melang Inn. Where? Don't ask. Haha. For me, the rating.. hmmm. Not bad la. Maybe 3 stars or something. The venue just perfect. The food also. Sedap gile! Even makan nasi ngan ayam masak merah ngan daging black peppernye. Huh, absolutely great. 

Food food food!

We departed from Uitm about 8.00 p.m ++  Naik apa? Bas la. Nak pergi tu pun duk fikir nak pakai baju apa. Last minit kot. Finally, I borrowed a pair of baju kurung. Sounds lame huh?? Penuh manik2 bagai. Huh, nak pakai pun seksa kot. Sabor jelaa.

Aku dan Iffah

The show pun not bad. Nyanyi-nyanyi bagai. Huhu. Lagu raya pulak tu. Layann~ Everybody busy camwhoring sana sini. Aku? Tak reti lah. Yelaa. Hnset murah. Okayyyy fineee.. -,-
Enjoy the pics. Tak tau nak bebel ape dah. :D


Cenderahati :)

Find me :p

p/s : Hopefully, next sem lebih hebat lagi. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya ^^

Assalamualaikum. Now, I'm currently STILL stuck in here. Nobody. But, it's still like a heaven when the Wifi is sooooo...... Sangat laju okey. Okayyyyyyy fine, I know being at home is more like a paradise. Please stop it. *Tears.

Today is the 28th day. Only a few days to go. Be patient. I know the ketupatrendanglemang and blablabla are ready to be cooked. 

Yesterday, I texted my mom.

Mak, baju raya lia wne ape?

A few months here and I already forgot what colour of my baju raya! -,-
I know it is blue in colour but my mom said it's pink. Which one??? Getting confused here. Oh yes. Both are mine. Hee. 

Tomorrow, I will go back to celebrate Hari Raya. Take the cab, the bus and blablabla to Ipoh and go straight away to Perlis! Hahahaha. *heaven.


p/s : This year will be my extremely awesome Hari Raya! <3

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